Sean Patrick Posey was born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in August of 1969 to parents Dave and Margaret Posey and has two older brothers named Mark and Todd. Sean was hooked on science fiction at an early age and some of his favorites include:

– Star Trek (TOS)

– Star Wars (original trilogy)

– Battlestar Galactica (TOS)

– Alien and Aliens

– Stargate Atlantis

Some of his other interests include classic 60s and 70s muscle cars, camping, fishing, martial arts, 3D computer animation and modeling, weight lifting and technology.

Sean graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in 1992 earning his diploma in Computer Engineering Technology and has been an I.T. person for the last 25 years specializing in network design, installation and support.

Sean has two beautiful daughters from his first marriage named Alyssa and Sarah whom he loves dearly.

In January of 2017 he married the love of his life Nicole Hayman. Nicole is an American born in Los Angeles, but was living in St. Charles, Missouri when the couple met online. They spent 7 years in a long distance relationship before marrying and Nicole has now moved up to Edmonton to live with Sean.  Nicole encouraged Sean to write his first book.